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Extension Standing committees are established when there is a need for advice and counsel on issues that relate to the achievement of strategic goals over an extended period of time. Ad hoc committees are appointed to address short-term issues.

Process for membership selection:

1.) a.) The Associate Provost appointments committee members after consultation with the committee chair, committee’s administrative liaison, and new appointee’s supervisors. The membership of the committee shall be representative of the faculty and staff of the WVU Extension organization. Terms of membership are three-year, staggered calendar-year appointments. New members join the committee in January.

b.) Some committee appointments are made by the WVU President upon recommendation, e.g., County Extension Service Committees, Visiting Committee.

2.) The following will occur annually: new members appointed; committee charges reviewed; administrative liaisons appointed/reappointed; chair-elect nominated by each committee for approval by individual’s supervisor and associate provost.

3.) Committee communication with Extension leadership and employees will occur in various ways: committee leadership will keep the associate provost informed of proposed action and issues of concern; each committee will give a report to JPC annually; expectations of committee membership posted on the Intranet; key issues presented in Focus.

4.) Employees will be provided an opportunity to indicate an interest in serving on committees through an annual call for employees to nominate themselves or others for committee membership.

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