WVU Extension Service

WVU Extension Employee Directory

The latest printed copy of the directory is dated April 18, 2014. Please e-mail Gitta Jenkins to report additions, deletions, and corrections. The directory sections posted here will continue to be updated every Friday.

The latest updates of this directory were made November 20, 2015.

Morgantown Campus Personnel Room and Telephone Numbers – 2 pages (updated November 2, 2015)

Note: For those unfamiliar with the WVU phone system, when you call a “Main Office” (such as 293-4221 for the Office of Technology) rather than the individual phone number, the operator asks for a 5-digit extension which is a “3” followed by the person’s listed 4-digit phone number. To dial directly, use 304-293 followed by the listed 4-digit number.

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