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The first-ever WVU Extension Service Employee Appreciation Gathering for employees and immediate family members is scheduled for August 29 at Tygart Lake State Park. There will be a catered picnic and games for the whole family, as well as the Annual Extension Masters Golf Outing. Register by July 31 to attend.

Did you receive your free WVU Extension-branded item? Was it correct?

Employees who ordered a free WVU Extension-branded item should now have received them. Some counties, however, have yet to receive these items; others have reported incomplete or incorrect orders. We could use your help to determine the following:

  1. First, double-check the order list to make certain you did, in fact, place an order. Download the order list (PDF).
  2. Then check to see that your county office has received its shipment. If not, please email Robin Rupenthal.
  3. If your county has received the items, please check the following:
    1. Is the order complete?
    2. Are the items correct?
  4. If your order is incomplete or incorrect, please contact Robin Rupenthal for assistance.
  5. If you received extra items in your order, we need those back to make sure that everyone who placed an order gets their item. Please drop off or mail those extra items to Robin Rupenthal at PO Box 6031, Morgantown, WV 26506.

We appreciate your help and patience as we work to complete this process.


The fourth annual WVU Extension Service “Summer Steps” walking program is off and running. Whether it’s your daily workout or a family walk after dinner, staying active this summer is a great investment in yourself.

The challenge isn’t just for walkers. You can count each 20 minutes of other physical activity as one mile, so if you play tennis or soccer, ride bicycles or enjoy other physical activity, you can participate.

You can find details about the program and register here. If you’ve participated in the past, you’ll notice that there’s a new twist this year that allows WVU employees to register by school or department.

You can begin tracking your mileage right away – everything reported between now and Aug. 31 will count towards the challenge.

Past county winners:

Are You Missing the News?

You e-news-header2 might be if you aren’t reading the weekly Communications ENEWS – created by Extension, for Extension. Comm ENEWS isn’t a replacement for the Extension FOCUS, but rather a more frequent publication that delivers specific things you need. In it, you’ll find general-release news stories, announcements, articles for use in county publications, directory updates, catastrophic leave requests and links to where WVU Extension has appeared in the news around the state. You’ll also find a helpful tip each week.

Because Comm ENEWS is weekly, it may contain short turn-around announcements that aren’t received in time to fit the FOCUS publication schedule. The things you enjoy about FOCUS will still be there, but if you skip Comm ENEWS, you may miss something important!