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Clark Named Head of 4-H Youth Development

Brent Brent Clark Clark has been named director of the West Virginia 4-H Youth Development program unit, effective July 1.

Dean Steve Bonanno made the announcement on June 9.

A native of Princeton, West Virginia and a longtime 4-H’er, Brent has been with a part of Extension faculty for more than 14 years and has served as interim program director since October of last year.

Brent received a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine from Bluefield College and earned a master’s degree in strategic leadership from Mountain State University.

“Our statewide 4-H unit plays a critical role in helping West Virginia youths grow and become leaders within their communities, a mission that helps support a brighter future in West Virginia,” said Bonanno. “Brent will focus on researching new ways to reach West Virginia youths and will look critically at our 4-H programs to see how we can continue to help address the needs of our state for years to come.”